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Hey, I’m Jared. It always feels odd writing my own bio. The fact is, I’ve always felt a little “out there” (in a good way) and that didn’t change when I started a family. My wife and I love to laugh, and I never get tired of hearing her tell me “You’re so WEIRD!” after a good chuckle.

I eventually found that my friends enjoyed my humorous posts about parenting, marriage, and adulthood. So I set up a FB page called Weird Dad. The name seemed like a natural fit. Then I started an Instagram account. And now this blog. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

I’m an “unconventional” father, and I love it. I have 2 boys and a girl, and I stay at home full time and a part time copywriter. It’s an awesome gig.. The kids haven’t driven me crazy yet, but…I’ve been to the brink and stared insanity in the face. Can you die from being asked for a snack? Because I may be worried about that possibility.

I’ve been married the love of my life for 15 years, and one day, we’ll finally agree on what’s for dinner.

Hey…it could happen.

She doesn’t like to be “on” the internet, so you probably won’t see her often. But know that if you see me, you see her, because she keeps me grounded in reality.

Walking into adulthood can feel bizarre. Other-worldly at times. And kind of lonely. In my tenure as a dad and husband, I can’t count how many time’s I’ve thought “Is this even normal?”

But you know what? We’re all going through the same thing. It’s all a little…dare I say it….WEIRD? Ha. I use it every chance I get.

You’re here in my world on this blog, but it’s OUR world. OUR shared experience. Hopefully I can entertain you long enough to feel like everything is going to be ok, and that you’re not alone giving an extra damn or two about being a great husband, wife, mom, or dad.

I’m really just kind of finding my voice here with this thang. Some of the stuff I write is a personal account, some of it is magazine style content, some of it is just straight up satire. If you like something you see TELL ME. If you don’t like something. Also tell me.

I always love chatting with people about family life, so hit me up in the post comments or email me at Or just send me a message over on my Weird Dad page. Have fun, and I’ll see you around.

P.S. I passionately support the mission of St. Jude’s Children’s research hospital. If helping sick kids receive world class medical care for free sounds like your thing, please Donate Here.