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We’re seeing them more and more these days–gay moms and dads. It’s a controversial and uncomfortable topic for some. So I did a little research and compiled a few pictures to show you what could go wrong when gay people raise children. After seeing these pics, those who were suspicious about what really goes on in a family with gay parents may be saying REALLY? That’s what’s up?  Well, this is it. Just see for yourself…

1. EW! Gross! Zucchini for dinner? 

2. Really? This is too much. Chips in bed? That’s going to be fun to clean up, especially on that white comforter. YUCK.

Gay Parents

3. GEEZ! Wow…No Words. Come on, Ladies. Where are your helmets?

Gay Parents

4. That poor, poor kid. Having to put up with the kind of Dad who still reads an actual newspaper.

Gay Parents

5. Well this is just great. They’ll never get all that sand out of their shoes.

Gay Dads

6. UNBELIEVABLE. Here we go again with food and white surfaces. Those kids are going to wreck that place. What’s next? White wall- OH COME ON!

Gay Parents

7. Ok, I’m so done. Do they really think they’re not gonna get ants? Because that’s how you get ants.

Gay Parents

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